confidence-buildingWhat can lack of confidence affect?

Lack of confidence can be debilitating.  Situations such as; public speaking,  meeting new people,  exam or driving tests,  job interviews, getting married and many more can become overwhelming.

What impact can lack of confidence have?

Lack of confidence can affect many areas of your life.  It can lead to poor self-esteem, fear of rejection, poor performance and in some cases avoiding social situations. Some people are good at hiding their lack of confidence whilst still suffering inside.  Does this sound like you?

Do you have a presentation, an exam or an important life event that is looming?  Is your lack of confidence holding you back?  Self doubt may be creeping.  Do you feel like you will let yourself and perhaps others down?  Is time to make the change and address your issues?  It doesn’t have to be this way!

What is in the treatment programme?
  • a free 20-30 minute consultation – where we can discuss you, your issues and the treatment
  • hypnotherapy session(s) – for most people hypnotherapy and NLP can bring about big changes within a few hours.
  • the cost of this  treatment is at £75 per hour


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